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Supporting entrepreneurship and social impact contributes to the development of innovative ecosystems. With this objective in mind, the Desjardins Group launched a unique adventure: creating a platform that offers entrepreneurial projects by ordinary citizens to take shape.

For Desjardins, adding development goals as criteria at the heart of its innovation process allows to maximize social impact by integrating major societal issues such as Health, Education or inclusive Finance. Technical experts, inspiring partners and industry professionals are few examples of creative citizens that have joined the movement to create a community that believes in change through action.

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Our history and roadmap demonstrate our dedication. In 2015, the Desjardins Group, with the help of its key partnership with Hacking Health, launched the Health Innovation Challenge in Montreal with a clear goal: to create innovative projects working toward accessible and preventive healthcare for sustainable communities. Despite a successful first event, one important observation was made: 48 hours was not enough to fulfill our mission. Which is why, in 2016, Desjardins decided to extend the competition to 25 days by integrating training workshops by our entrepreneurial partners in the technology and innovation industries. The results were outstanding with over 370 participants and truly fantastic projects, some of which became permanent companies. In 2017, this same inspiration to continue developing social impact led us to Quebec City and Lévis where more than 15 projects were presented.

Some captured moments from 2015 to 2017 editions


The Cooperathon is an unique experience and those who have lived it are the ones who can share the most compelling stories.

From the quality of support offered, networking opportunities, strategic partnerships and the impact of collaborative solutions, these results are at the core of the testimonials collected in our alumni reports since 2015.
While we can’t wait to welcome you as part of the 2018 edition, we invite you to discover our alumni community. (English version coming soon)

You can also watch alumni videos:

Dis-moi team (2017 cohort)

Mr. Young team (2016 cohort)


We invite you to download the following chart for all use of the Cooperathon logo. “Coopérathon” is a Trademark of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.

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