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Hydro-Québec welcomes you to participate in the energy/environment theme of the 2018 cooperathon. the energy sector is undergoing a significant transformation. more than ever, energy is a global challenge. renewable energy sources and responsible energy use were identified as key solutions to sustainable development.

Looking to explore an idea? Would you like to join a Cooperathon team? Live up to the challenge that will allow you to learn, co-create and launch a project with meaningful social impact in the energy/environment sector. Your idea could go a long way with the help of the Cooperathon!

towards responsible energy use, sustainable transportation and building design

The Energy/Environment Track is tied to the Sustainable Development Goals number 7 “Affordable And Clean Energy”, number 11 “Sustainable Cities And Communities” and number 12 “Responsible Consumption And Production” as part of the


Most of the energy being consumed worldwide is produced from fossil fuels. Despite all the consequences we know, it increases the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. Our planet cannot sustain the current rate at which this polluting energy is being consumed.

To reduce this dependency on fossil fuels, there are different solutions that are available. Reducing our consumption is one of them and turning to renewable energy solutions is another.

There are many ways to produce clean and renewable energy. Hydroelectricity is indispensable. Other energy sources, such as solar and wind power, are becoming more widespread despite their intermittency, and challenges with compatibility and storage.

In this technology era, innovations such as connected devices, intelligent distribution networks, digital exchange platforms, as well as data collection and processing capacity are key solutions to facilitate energy management. These various technological innovations are creating new possibilities.

Ultimately, the responsible use of energy, more energy-efficient buildings and the new age of electric transportation will help ensure sustainable energy solutions for future generations.

At the heart of the action!


who can participate in the Energy/Environment Track?

Since energy and the environment are at the heart of our daily lives, we can all provide solutions to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency and further develop renewable solutions.

The transportation, construction, services, manufacturing and food-agricultural sectors all have a direct impact on our energy production, processing and consumption.

Are you a teacher, student or working as a professional (urban planner, architect, farmer, engineer, salesman, programmer or other)? Are you passionate about innovation and would like to contribute towards the growth of the energy sector? Your participation and ideas can make a difference!

About Hydro Québec

Hydro-Québec is one of the largest producers of hydroelectricity in the world. Our energy, clean and more than 99% renewable, contributes to the fight against climate change and the strengthening of a greener and stronger economy.

Hydro-Québec provides its customers with reliable, high-quality power supply at some of the lowest rates in North America, while contributing significantly to the collective wealth of Quebec.

Hydro-Québec’s efforts to put its actions in the spirit of sustainable development meet the current needs of its customers while ensuring a sustainable energy future for coming generations and preserving the environmental heritage.

Our activities, our values and our technological innovations also contribute to the international influence of the company.