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Frequent Asked Questions – FAQ

How many hours does it require to be a mentor at the Cooperathon?

It depends whether you are matched with a team or not.

If you are matched a first face to face meeting with your team, possibly during the first Saturday work period, is to be expected.

All other communications will be either virtual, via Slack, or face to face according to availabilities and preferences of the parties.

The semi-final will take place Sunday Oct. 21st. Mentors, if available, are usually there to show support for their team (approx. 2 hours required).

If you are not matched with a team your presence will be most appreciated by the teams during the Saturday work periods following the workshops.

Workshops will take place from 8h30 am to 12h30. Work periods will be from 1h30 to 4h30 pm.

The workshops and work periods of the 2018 edition will take place on the following dates:

Saturday Sept. 29th
Saturday Oct. 6th
Saturday Oct. 13th
Saturday Oct. 20th

Workshops/work sessions will be held in various easily accessible places in the city.

Attending all the work sessions is not mandatory, but the more you are present, the more you will experience the essence of the Coopérathon.

How will the matching between teams and mentors be done?

The teams are the ones who will decide whether they wish to have a dedicated mentor during the Coopérathon or not.

If a team wishes to have a dedicated mentor, it will make its selection by looking at mentors’ online profile on Fleexer and sending an invitation to the selected mentor.

Simple directions will be communicated to selected mentors giving them the choice to accept or refuse the team’s invitation to be their mentor.

The mentors who will not be matched with a team will be invited to attend, when available, the Saturday work sessions to answer the questions of the teams who chose not to have a dedicated mentor but benefit from the wisdom of many mentors.

Can mentors attend the Saturday morning workshops?

Yes. Mentors are welcome to all Saturday workshops as well as to the semi-final.

Mentors are also Coopérathon guests on the evenings of the kick-off (Sept. 26th 2018) and the Grand Finale (Nov. 1st).

They will still need to register, via Eventbrite, to all events and activities they wish to attend.

Who owns the intellectual property of the projects?

All the work completed by the teams belongs to the teams. No company, organization or entity other than the registered members of the team can claim any rights over the intellectual property developed at the Cooperathon. All prior intellectual property that Cooperathon participants bring with them or through which they are connected by their employment must be declared to other members of their team and Cooperathon organizers.

At which stage does my project need to be to participate in the Cooperathon?

The Cooperathon is a pre-incubation competition: from an idea to the production of a prototype solution. All projects that fall within this stage of the entrepreneurial project are accepted. Projects must also be in the pre-sales phase, which means they have not processed any sales or registered any customers.

Why are certain companies / organizations sharing specific challenges?

Some organizations would like to offer Cooperathon participants the opportunity to be inspired by the challenges they’ve encounter in their respective fields. All teams can use these examples to prepare their project and their chance to win grants offered by these companies.

Is it mandatory to attend all workshops?

Although it is recommended that participants attend as many workshops as possible for their own benefit, it is not mandatory. For logistical reasons, we ask you to confirm your attendance to workshops. You can register for workshops on the Cooperathon mobile app and on Eventbrite.

How to become a volunteer?

Those wishing to help as volunteers are invited to submit their interest to by sharing their availability.

A member of the organizing team will then contact the selected candidates to discuss their role.

Applications will be limited.

Can we make a France/Canada (or Canada/France) team?

Of course! The only constraint is to decide where you want to present your project if you make it to the semi-finals. If you wish to present in one of the Canadian cities, register for the Canadian Cooperathon ( If you wish to present in one of the cities in France, register for the France Cooperathon (

If I don’t like working in a team, can I participate alone?

The Cooperathon can only consist of teams of 2 to 8 people. It’s the team spirit that keeps the project moving forward!

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