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the desjardins group returns for a 3rd edition of the cooperathon WITH THE SUPPORT OF INTERAC.

in collaboration with our TRACK PARTNER formfintech.


Working towards inclusive, accessible and responsible finance

The Finance Track is tied to the Sustainable Development Goals number 1 “No Poverty”, number 8 “Decent Work And Economic Growth” and number 10 “Reduced Inequalities” as part of the


The World Bank estimates that more than 2 billion adults, a number representing more than half the world’s working adult population, are still excluded from financial services that meet their needs. This type of exclusion mainly affects low-income populations.

Inclusive finance aims to provide savings, financing, insurance and payment services for all. The goal is to help contribute towards inclusive growth by helping reduce poverty and social inequalities around the world. The Cooperathon promotes the access to strategic regional partnerships, social inclusion, sustainable development, and economic opportunities in all areas of social entrepreneurship.

Responsible finance combines all practices aimed at integrating both performance and social impact, along with environmental and societal challenges.

In collaboration with FormFintech and our partners, the Cooperathon offers a collaborative platform focused on developing impactful solutions for inclusive, accessible and responsible finance.

In 2018, there are still many challenges in Finance:


  • Growing inequalities to access financial services
  • Populations without bank accounts
  • Access to payment and money transfer solutions
  • Access to savings, credit and financial risk management

(See the 2017 Global Findex to learn more)

In addition, responsible finance such as strategic investment also remains an important challenge.

Some Fintech Track participants in action


who can participate in the Finance track?

The Cooperathon’s Finance track is open to all participants wishing to offer sustainable solutions to the challenges of access to financial services. We invite all experts to share their knowledge in the areas of personal finance, savings, financing, insurance, and payment solutions for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses.

About Desjardins Group & FormFintech

Desjardins Group is the largest cooperative financial group in Canada. It’s mission: to contribute to improving the economic and social well-being of people and communities by continually developing an integrated cooperative network of secure and profitable financial services, and by educating people, about democracy, economics, solidarity, and individual and collective responsibility.

Internationally, Desjardins Group through Développement international Desjardins (DID), provides disadvantaged communities around the world with access to secure, diversified financial services that fit their needs.

A pioneer in the deployment and development of microfinance around the world, DID today is a leading contributor to the sector.

FormFintech aims to bring together the most talented people to find innovative solutions to business challenges. Our mission is to bring them from the ideation phase to a startup team.