Cooperathon 2018 Kickoff Night – Coopérathon

Embark on an adventure that will change lives

The 3rd edition of the largest open-innovation challenge in the world, Cooperathon (Canadian edition), starts on September 26th 2018, at The Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay! During Kick-off Night, you will have the opportunity not only to know the mainspring and challenges of the Cooperathon, but also to rub shoulders with incredible talents in the field of change-makers, social-impact startups and entrepreneurs.
Join us for Kick-off Night of Cooperathon, the network that’s shaping tomorrow!

An international happening not to be missed
Project Walls, Pitch Spaces, Brainstorm Tables, and a universe favorable to creation will be at your disposal. Many surprises are coming, including a memorable after party.

More than 2,000 people expected
Citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers, dreamers, geeks, revolutionaries, artists, thinkers, creators…

Impact Startup Fair
The Impact Startup showcase brings to you the actors of the innovation and social impact communities! Meet people who, in many ways, energize the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Social Mixology
Social Mixology will allow you to take part in change! The concept: come and meet the talents missing for the realization of your project, mentors to guide you, and discover the challenges of the Cooperathon partner companies. You just want to get started? We take care of finding you a team or a project.

Internationally renowned speakers


Party Zone

DJ Van Did

Hypnotizing with a progressive introspective style, DJ Van Didwraps his talent for details and nuance around melodic grooves, studio-made sounds and transformed field recordings to take us on cinematic journeys through uncannily familiar lands.

Much of Van Did’s music tells an adventure story arced over warping rhythms, minimalist classical touches and documentary-like vocals, often reflecting environmental themes. After releasing more than 20 original tracks and elaborate remixes on several labels including Germany’s Traum Schallplatten, he created his own in 2011: Grrreat Recordings, geared to explorations of immersive sound landscapes, field recordings, textured sound design and techniques for signal processing. Three years in the making, his newest release, Avenir plays on themes of horizon, future and perspective, launching the melodic and colourful club style of Montréal event-maker and collective, 8day’s label.


And many other activities ....

such as:

PULSAR: Brainsform on Vélo Festif (teams only)
CONSTELLATION: Immersive Brainsform inside a cave
Entrepreneurial Clairvoyance
Food trucks
and many more!


The Port Of Montreal’s Grand Quay
200 de la Commune Street West
(doorS open at 4:00 PM)


an exceptional venue


Kickoff Schedule

4:00 PM – Doors Open

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM IMPACT STARTUP PITCHES [Conferences Zone]

5:30 PM – 10:00 PM SOCIAL MIXOLOGY (team formation) [Mixology Zone]

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM CONFERENCES [Conferences Zone]

10:00 PM – 11:30 PM PARTY (DJ, VJ, etc.) [Mixology Zone]

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