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This year, the cooperathon is back in montreal and quebec city for a third edition of the healthcare theme with the support of desjardins insurance and our proud partners at hacking health.


Working towards accessible and preventive healthcare
for sustainable communities

The Health Track is tied to the Sustainable Development Goal number 3 “Good Health And Well-Being” as part of the

Access to healthcare is an essential need for human beings. Today’s healthcare systems face many recurrent challenges and we are working towards addressing them by:

reducing healthcare costs
strengthening our healthcare systems
reducing inequalities in access to healthcare
improving quality of life

Therefore, the Cooperathon, Hacking Health and its partners offer a platform to work together on impactful solutions targeted towards accessibility and prevention for sustainable communities.

The many challenges

In 2018, there are still many challenges in healthcare. For example:

Chronic diseases
The difficulty accessing healthcare, including home care
Mental health problems
Work-related health issues
Consistency and absenteeism in the workplace
Low adoption of healthy lifestyle habits
The lack of efficiency providing medical services
Increasing health care costs
The management and security of using sensitive data
Various addictions related to gambling, alcohol and drugs
Environmental changes such as global warming
The challenges of educating and communicating data to patients…

Certain populations are at greater risk, such as:

Visible minorities
The LGBTIQ population
People from underprivileged areas
And many others…

7 reasons to participate in the healthcare theme

Developing a health-related project that you are passionate about
Overcoming new challenges
Acquiring new skills
Valuable networking
Being part of a unique collaborative experience
Creating social impact
Contributing towards the UN’s sustainable development goals

Health Track Semifinalists


Who can participate in the healthcare theme

Any citizen or expert dedicated to improving healthcare and quality of life
The passionate industry expert who wants to help transform healthcare
But also…
Healthcare professionals in both public and private sectors
Patients, healthcare providers and caregivers
Technology professionals
School teachers, university professors, students and researchers
Members of both patient and professional associations
Employees and managers for all types of companies
Investors and managers of incubators or accelerator programs
Employees and managers of government/non-government agencies or non-profit organizations


Hacking Health est un organisme international à but non lucratif qui a été créé en 2012 et dont la mission est de catalyser la collaboration en permettant aux principales parties prenantes de bâtir ensemble des solutions innovantes et significatives aux défis de la santé. Suivez les différentes activités organisées sur Montréal et Québec
Desjardins Assurances a développé une offre de produits et services d’assurances vie, santé et d’épargne-retraite desservant maintenant plus de 5 millions de Canadiens. Elle est l’une des 5 principales entreprises d’assurances vie au Canada et membre du Groupe Desjardins, le premier groupe financier coopératif au Canada.
A titre de leader en optimisation de gestion, Desjardins Assurances attache une grande importance à la santé globale et à sa promotion – raison pour laquelle ils appuient Hacking Health depuis 2015 et s’impliquent dans le Coopérathon depuis ses débuts.